Visogram can be extended by plugins. These can introduce additional modules, that are useful for particular tasks.

Plugins are bundled into a single file with ".vgplugin" extension and get installed into the Plugin subdirectory of Visogram's home diretory.
You'll find more information about plugins and the general directory structure in our wiki.

If you're a developer, you can create your own plugins using the Visogram SDK. Feel free to contact us, if you want your plugin to be listed here.
You may also contribute your plugins to our public GitHub repository.

Plugin name Description Developers Version Website Download
Twitter plugin Adds modules that let you send twitter messages and subscribe to Twitter feeds. Yailo GbR - Download
Modbus plugin Support for the industrial fieldbus Modbus. Implements a Modbus TCP client, packet builder and packet parser. Yailo GbR - Download
WinControl plugin Control your Windows operating system with a single module. Functions include shutdown, reboot, hibernate, suspend, etc... Yailo GbR GitHub -




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